During her first job supervising children at a local swimming pool, Jevonya was struck with an overwhelming desire to jump off a 12-foot diving board, even though she couldn’t swim. The ambitious voice in her head saying you should jump too wasn’t one she could ignore. To accomplish this goal, she saw what she needed to do – enlist a support system to help her. Standing at the edge of that diving board, Jevonya came to understand that anything is possible with a strong network.

Many years later, she was once again confronted by that ambitious voice, but this time she came face to face with her identity as an introvert.

In this inspiring book, Jevonya challenges common misconceptions of introverts as passive, indifferent, and unassertive. She argues instead that introverts are uniquely designed to build the kind of deep, trusting relationships necessary for authentic networking.

Jevonya offers her readers a ten-step process for becoming a master networker, from an introvert’s perspective. She says, “This process requires time, patience, and hard work but one great thing about us introverts is that we aren’t afraid of hard work.”

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About Jevonya

Jevonya Allen is an accomplished author, certified business consultant,  esteemed networking coach, and a self-proclaimed introvert. As the Creator and Chief Visionary Officer of Twisted Networking, an internationally recognized business networking organization, Jevonya is dedicated to facilitating welcoming, engaging, and introvert-friendly networking events. Her mission is to empower introverts to harness the power of networking to achieve their business goals.

In 2021, Jevonya self-published her first book, The Introvert’s Guide to Becoming a Master Networker. Drawing from her extensive experience and expertise, the book provides valuable insights and practical strategies for introverts to excel in networking.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, personal development, business, marketing, and networking, Jevonya is a sought-after speaker who loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. Her engaging speaking style and depth of expertise make her a compelling and relatable presenter on these topics.

In her role as a networking coach, Jevonya’s primary objective is to empower introverts to enhance their networking skills and optimize their networking efforts for business growth and success. She offers a diverse range of services, including her book, her comprehensive digital course, Networking School, as well as engaging in-person and virtual workshops. Jevonya firmly believes that networking is the key to success in life, and she is committed to helping other introverts unlock their full potential through effective networking strategies.

As a results-driven business consultant, Jevonya leverages her expertise to offer strategic advice and solutions aimed at improving efficiency, increasing profits, and driving sustainable growth. She excels in analyzing complex business challenges, identifying improvement opportunities, and delivering customized recommendations for successful implementation.

Jevonya Allen’s multifaceted expertise, coupled with her passion for networking, entrepreneurship, and personal development, make her a trusted advisor and invaluable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to excel in the business world.

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“Jevonya worked closely with our Board of Directors to develop policies and procedures. She kept us on track and always managed to produce within her easy reach whatever information we needed. Jevonya left our Association in a better place than when she began working with us three years ago. We are grateful for her positive, confident outlook, personable genial manner, leadership, quiet grace, and ever-present smile.”

Classical High School Alumni Association

Board of Directors


“Working with Jevonya has been an amazing experience. Jevonya is someone who genuinely cares about others and pours herself into helping her clients. Not only that, she hosts one of the best networking events around. I have made some wonderful connections from attending.”

Janka Saloka

Director of Marketing


“Jevonya is one of my business coaches. She has done an amazing job keeping me on track. What I love the most about her is that she takes the time to analyze your business needs and then helps you reach your goals every step of the way. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!”

Shantel Alford

CEO and Founder at Online Global Classroom, LLC


“Jevonya is a great business partner, passionate about helping individuals and families with everyday life events. She coaches the willing to improve their economic status in life and fulfill their dreams. She is a great teacher in personal development. She guides many to success in business. Above all, she is kind, considerate, caring, and sharing. She is definitely someone you want to connect with.”

Beverly Dwyer

Entrepreneur/Business Builder


“Jevonya is an astonishing individual, both professionally and personally. She is willing to help and support you in any way she can to connect you with the right resources necessary to succeed in achieving your goals. Her interpersonal skills bring out the best in everyone from different backgrounds, experiences, and mind-sets.”

Octavian Goncalves

Financial Analyst


“Jevonya is an amazingly talented and skilled business coach and consultant. She is your biggest fan, support system, friend, confidant, and teacher. I appreciated that Jevonya could pick up on my learning style within our first two business consultations. I have to say that after our weekly business consultation, I could not wait for our next session. Jevonya’s immense faith, which eventually rubs off on you, leaves absolutely no room for doubt. To know that you have such a strong and willed person in your corner rooting you on gives you the strength and courage to persevere. If you want to elevate all aspects of your life, don’t hesitate to connect with Jevonya. She will run your race with you until you get to the finish line.”

Yohanny Valdez

Virtual Assistant 


“Jevonya is a great person both professionally and personally. She is always willing to help in any way that she can and connect you to the right resources. She is also the owner of Twisted Networking, through which I’ve made so many valuable professional connections through. I highly recommend her!”

Melvin Figueroa

Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Strategist


“Talk about a woman who is passionate about what she does and has a serious love for people. When I met Jevonya, she wasn’t the type of person who just threw a card at you and never talked to you again; oh no! She did give me her card; however, she did MORE than that. Jevonya built a relationship with me before introducing me to exactly what her services are. Every time I see her, she has such a welcoming smile. She is a wonderful, strong woman with charisma. I would highly recommend people to be a part of Jevonya’s team, simply because of who she is!”

Omama Marzuq

Agent, Speaker, Humanitarian


“Jevonya is a true professional who really cares about people. Her customer service skills are top quality and her work ethic is second to none. I’ve enjoyed working with her on many projects. Thanks, Jevonya for all you do!”

Chauncey Melvin



“I met Jevonya when she was the Executive Director of the Classical High School Alumni Association. I was so impressed with her that I joined the board and became its treasurer shortly thereafter. Jevonya and I worked closely on several projects. Her professionalism and abilities continued to impress me. She is that rare combination of someone who excels at administrative work and networking. Our association benefited greatly from her skills. Jevonya is an asset to any organization.”

Michelle Gordon Noon

Director of Finance/Controller

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