During her first job supervising children at a local swimming pool, Jevonya was struck with an overwhelming desire to jump off a 12-foot diving board, even though she couldn’t swim. The ambitious voice in her head saying you should jump too wasn’t one she could ignore. To accomplish this goal, she saw what she needed to do – enlist a support system to help her. Standing at the edge of that diving board, Jevonya came to understand that anything is possible with a strong network.

Many years later, she was once again confronted by that ambitious voice, but this time she came face to face with her identity as an introvert.

In this inspiring book, Jevonya challenges common misconceptions of introverts as passive, indifferent, and unassertive. She argues instead that introverts are uniquely designed to build the kind of deep, trusting relationships necessary for authentic networking.

Jevonya offers her readers a ten-step process for becoming a master networker, from an introvert’s perspective. She says, “This process requires time, patience, and hard work but one great thing about us introverts is that we aren’t afraid of hard work.”

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About Jevonya

Jevonya was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October of 1979. When Jevonya was three years old, her parents decided to move to Providence, Rhode Island, to give her and her older sibling what they deemed a better life.

At the young age of 5, Jevonya’s father taught her how to play Chess which showed Jevonya how to think strategically. Her mother instilled in her the need to be self-sufficient and the value of entrepreneurship by owning her own home daycare. Jevonya had the opportunity to work with her mother for many years.

Jevonya attended the top high school in Rhode Island, and she attended the University of Rhode Island, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She later earned a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Phoenix.

Jevonya embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2009, which led her to start Twisted Networking, an internationally known business networking organization, in 2017. In 2020, Jevonya became a certified business consultant, and in 2021 she self-published her first book, “The Introvert’s Guide to Becoming a Master Networker.”

Jevonya loves talking about entrepreneurship, personal development, business, marketing, religion, parenting, and networking. Jevonya has three adopted sons and she currently lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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